A Unique Opportunity

for talented sales professionals who want to ensure their financial security while leaving a positive and lasting mark on local communities… we create meaningful careers

Since 1938 we have been attracting a unique type of professional

Community Services of America is looking for individuals with sales abilities who also desire to make a difference in their communities

A Career at Community Services of America

Our public relations programs revolve around gift volumes designed to accompany and honor significant events or special times in a family’s life. Each week our sales professionals go into communities and find local businesses who want to improve their operations and enhance their already strong image. We accomplish this by letting others know not just what community business owners and managers provide, but who they are and what they stand for. In our decades of experience, we have found that each community we enter has a core group of business owners and professionals who are instrumental in bolstering the traditional values that keep the community strong.

Ours is a full-time position that comes with generous benefits to help you and your family in your everyday life. We seek strong salespeople who are interested in making a good living while also doing something worthwhile.


We offer a competitive benefits package including medical and dental insurance, as well as life insurance and short-term disability. Since this is a full-time W-2 position, we are even able to help with a matching 401k program. All of this is so that our salespeople can go to work every day, knowing they are doing well for their families as they accomplish their personal and professional goals.

Incentive and Achievement

Working with sales professionals and being sales orientated ourselves, we understand that we all need some extra motivation at times. We try to help provide this with our annual awards trips, Jet Set travel program and a number of career recognition programs. We are especially proud of the four different sales level designations our people can earn. Each demonstrates that as a sales professional within our organization, one can make a difference and attain success. These levels are not easy to attain, but our top performers report just how important the sales designations are to them